Drew Field
Direct Public Offerings


            Bypassing Wall Street

These are personal commentaries on events and information relating to direct public offerings. 

            Direct Community Finance

            Securitization Brought Wealth and Ruin

            What is a Stock Exchange?       

            Why choose a DPO Instead of an Underwritten IPO

            Why DPOs are Good for the Business and for Society 


            Capital Homesteading for Every Citizen by Norman G. Kurland

            Capitalism 3.0 by Peter Barnes

            Capitalist Manifesto and other books by Louis O. Kelso

            Creating a World Without Poverty by Muhammad Yunus

            The Divine Right of Capital by Marjorie Kelly

            The Ownership Solution and Democracy at Risk by Jeff Gates

            A Piece of the Action by Stuart M. Speiser           

            The Squandering of America by Robert Kuttner