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Direct Public Offerings

Direct Public Offerings by Drew Field
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Welcome to Drew Field/Direct Public Offerings!

We have 35 years’ experience as a securities lawyer and team of direct offering specialists.  The tools and support services we developed for  successful direct offerings include the documents, guides and forms for each step of the process.  Now, we license our electronic toolkit and provide support services to lawyers and other advisors in doing successful direct securities offerings.

On this website, you can learn about DPOs and their advantages over raising capital from financial intermediaries, like banks, venture capitalists and securities brokers. We also explain the services provided by DPO advisors.

You can go right away to the Screen Test for a Direct Public Offering. It will help you decide whether your business is right for a DPO. You may find that you need to take some steps before you are ready.

Go to Case Studies for stories about how individual businesses have met their capital needs by marketing securities directly to their own communities. You can get a feel for whether their experiences could work for you.

You can use the Glossary to define terms used in business finance. The explanations reflect our experiences in the conventional world of financial intermediaries, as well as the advantages we have found in direct offerings to individuals. Our biographies are included, as well as a list of our publications and speeches.

Commentaries are added to the website on current topics that relate to direct offerings.

Bypassing Wall Street is an online book about why we don't need Wall Street investment bankers anymore and the direct routes now open to raise and invest money.